Old Grimoire

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Folk Magic
Investigators may learn during play (or for some begin play) knowing folk magic. Folk magic spells are watered-down Mythos magic, learned by humans and passed down the generations. They are a pale reflection of “true” magic, often know by mages, shaman, and the like. Although diluted, and unbeknownst to the caster, they still draw some vitality from the hidden fabric of the Mythos and so are able to perform minor miracles. Usually such spells are taught by word of mouth or jealously guarded books in arcane libraries.

Skilled Practitioners
Magic is a fact of life in the thirteen realms. People have adapted and learned. Practitioners of magic use knowledge and study or faith and prayer to keep their minds intact from the horrors of the Mythos.

When casting spells, either Folk or Mythos, investigators may make an Occult or Religion skill check.

Opposing skill/Difficulty level:

  • Regular difficulty: cast a spell using all the components necessary; accepting normal sanity loss.

  • Hard difficulty: casting a spell without certain components; protecting -your mind and reducing sanity loss to the minimum.

Pushing examples: spending much longer (forgetful of the time) in ritual or prayer; adding sacrifices or additional expensive components.
Sample Consequences of failing a Pushed roll: the spell fails but your mind is wrapped (maximum sanity loss); the spell is cast but flawed causing strange consequences.

Spell List


  • Cost: 4 mp, 1D2 Sanity
  • Casting time: 5+ minutes

Using common scrying tools the caster tries to read portents of the future.

Awaken the Beast

  • Cost: 5 mp; 1D8 Sanity
  • Casting Time: 1D3 hours

Permanently transforms a human over a period of days into an animal.

Bat Form

  • Cost: 12 mp; 1D8 Sanity
  • Casting Time: Instantaneous

Allows the caster to temporarily assume the form and capabilities of a bat.

Bestow Karma

  • Cost: variable mp or POW; variable Sanity
  • Casting Time: 3 hours

Repay the target in kind for their actions.

Bind Animal

  • Cost: 2 mp; 1 Sanity
  • Casting Time: 1 round

Direct a specific animal an action or limited series of actions.


  • Cost: 10 mp; 1D6 Sanity
  • Casting Time: Instantaneous

Provide a form of assistance to a target.

Blight/Bless Crop, Brew Love Philter,
Charm Animal, Come and See Me, Command Animal,
Command Ghost, Coyote Dust, Create Bulla, Create
Charm, Create Storm, Curse, Dowsing, Earthly Serenity,
Enchant Ju-Ju, Enchant Paviut, Engender Prosperity,
Feast of the Owl, Fury, Good Thief Water, Healing, Ill
Luck, Impeccable Throw, Lame/Heal Animal, Paws of
the Bear, Poison Blood, Restorative Meditation, Seek the
Lost, Siren’s Song, Skin of the Bear, Soul Singing, Winds
of Desolation, Yellow Spirit-Leap Seal.-

Old Grimoire

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