Each player is going to have control of and fully play at times a limited number of NPCs. These are the other people that make up the rebel cell your characters have started in. So in addition to your PC create two NPCs characters using the following rules.

Creation guidelines

  • pick two possitive adjectives to discribe the character.
  • pick one negative adjective to discribe the character.
  • pick three broad skill categories to describe what the character can do (note these are not actual skills but things like job descriptions so pilot(boat) isn’t a good choice but sailor is).
    • the first is the characters source of a living they make rolls related to it at 60% effectiveness.
    • the second is their major hobby, rolls related to it are 45% effective.
    • the third is just an odd interest they are familiar with. Rolls for it are 30% effective.


Xavier is a local priest so seeks to aid the people of his church. He likes to study medicine and often helps people in need of a doctor. When he can get a hold of books he enjoys studying and translating texts from old dead languages. He is compassionate, devote, and lecherous. His skills are: priest 60%, doctoring 45%, dead languages 30%.